Ice Climbing Training Mountain Guide Zermatt

Ice Climbing Training Mountain Guide Zermatt

Learn Ice Climbing in a proper way with a Mountain Guide Zermatt

The Ice Climbing Training with a Mountain Guide Zermatt is for all who want to do ice climbing safely

Ice Climbing Training Mountain Guide Zermatt

You can learn the following skills:

• Rope up on glaciers

• Walking and climbing with crampons

• Ice axe techniques

• Anchors in ice and snow

• Belaing techniques

• Behaviour on glaciers

• Most important knots

• Abseiling with crampons

• Crevasse rescue

Good health and fitness, no vertigo.

Mountain guide, ropes, carabineers, ice screws.

CHF 550.00 for 1 or 2 people, for every additional person a fee of CHF 40.00 per person will be charged.

Prices and programme are subject to change.

You need the following equipment for an Ice Climbing Training:

Compulsory Equipment:
Rucksack 30 – 35 litre – Mountaineering boots** – Climbing seat harness** – Crampons 12 points steel, not aluminium, adjusted** – Ice axe** – 1 – 2 ice screws* – 4 Locking carabineers* – 2 normal carabineers* – Cord, about 5 meters, 6 mm diameter – Sling 60 cm* – Sling 120 cm* – Mountaineering trousers – Waterproof / breathable jacket – Fleece jacket or jumper- Gloves – Hat for the sun – Warm hat – Shirt – Sun glasses with side protection – Sun screen factor >25 – Lip balm factor >15 – Flask or water bottle, about 1 Litre, no camel bag – Picnic – Personal medication – Telescope pole*.

Nice to have:
Pocket knife – Camera (small and light) – Toilette paper – Insurance card – Swiss rail ticket – Rope man, T bloc, tuber etc. – Notepad and pen – Thermal underwear – Spare gloves – Helmet.

Items with a * are provided free of charge.
Items with a ** can be rented.

Please note:
Everything you bring with you, you have to curry it by yourself. Try to be as light as possible.